2020+ Indian Challenger Dash Kit. Please read full description carefully!

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We will be opening up another round of Dash Kits soon!!!! If you have already emailed Jake@Barnstorm.US you will receive early notifications about when this will happen.

We truly appreciate the continued interst in this product and hope to be able satisfy everyone who wants to order one.  We are a small shop and these take a tremendous amount of effort and resources to produce. Thank you again for your support and patince! 

We are doing this run the same way we did the first one, as a pre-order. 

We will keep the pre-order window open for 2-3 weeks and then will be tooling up based on the number of pre-orders we receive. 

We do not plan to stock these kits in any significant quantity afterwards, so if you want a kit, get it now! 

Expect the kits to ship 5-6 weeks after the pre-order window closes.

 Our Dash Kit is engineered and built with the performance rider in mind! It relocates the factory Ride Command touch screen, as well as the speedometer and tachometer gauges.  The updated configuration allows for the use of "T-bar" style handlebars on the 2020+ Challengers.   The relocated instrumentation not only improves the rider experience, but it also completely redefines the overall look and feel of the motorcycle. 

With 25+ kits out there now, we have confirmed that our Dash kit is a DIY friendly modification, that is 90% bolt on.    However, it does require a few basic skills and basic tools.  You'll need to be able to follow specific installation steps, as well as disassemble and reassemble critical components.  Installation also requires cutting and extending 11 separate wires.  Allow 4-7 hours of installation time for the average DIY'er.  If you don't feel confident that you will be able to correctly install this kit, please contact us!! We would be happy to perform the installation for you, or try and help set you up with a shop local to you who can perform the installation! 

Steps For Ordering Your Kit:

1. Choose the finish of your Dash Kit:  Raw White Plastic, or Pre-Painted black.

2. Choose your handlebar option:  NO Handlebars at all, Our 1-Piece Lanesplitter Style T-bar (prototype shown in photos), or Our Low Rise MX Style Handlebar (Not shown, Needs Risers). If you choose no handlebars, you may want to consider our Handlebar Adaptor Kit witch will help you adapt other handlebars to work with the Indian Controls.  See below for more info on handlebar options.

3. Choose the Color or Finish of your handlebar option: Gloss Black Powdercoat, Raw Brushed Stainless, or Mirror Polished Stainless.

4. Add to Cart!

 All Dash Kits include:*

  • Upper Dash Shroud which houses the Ride Command touchscreen.  Available in raw white or black.
  • Lower Ride Command Filler Strip.  Available in raw white or  black.
  • Lower Dash Gauge Pod which relocates the Speedometer and Tachometer.  Available in raw white or black.
  • Ride Command relocation mounting bracket.  This part is not visible when installed and only comes in white.
  • CNC machined 6061-T6 Aluminum Handlebar relocation bracket in anodized black.
  • Color matched wire and shrink tubing necessary for extending the speedometer and tachometer harnesses
  • Zip ties, split loom, p-clamps, and required hardware for securing your extended harnesses and slightly rerouted front brake line, clutch cable, and handlebar wiring.


  • Barnstorm 1-Piece Lanesplitter style T-Bar for 2020+ Indian Challengers. (Similar to bars shown in photos) Available in Gloss Black, Brushed Stainless, or Polished Stainless
  • Barnstorm Low rise MX style Handlebar for 2020+ Indian Challengers.  (Not shown) Available in Gloss Black, Brushed Stainless, or Polished Stainless (This option requires you to use a set of aftermarket risers.  Risers should not exceed 1.25" in diameter.)
  • Barnstorm aftermarket handlebar adaptor kit.  Available in Gloss Black, Brushed Stainless, or Polished Stainless

Dash Kit Installation Notes:

Every Dash Kit comes with all the parts you will need need for the installation of the components you have ordered.  It also comes with 24" of each color wire needed to extend your Tachometer and Speedometer harness so that they can reach their new mounting location.  Some of the hardware you take off of your stock dash will be reused.  We also include the zip ties, split loom, p-clamps, and hardware needed for securing your extended harnesses, front brake line, clutch cable, and handlebar wiring. If you choose to use our 1-piece T-Bar, or our MX bar with a riser that is NOT taller than 10", you should not need to extend your handlebar wiring, your clutch cable or front brake line.  The front brake line retention points will have the be reworked a bit however.  Also, while you can use butt style crimp connectors to extend your gauge wiring, we HIGHLY recommend that you solder the wires for the best results.  Detailed installation video and instructions on our YouTube channel here: Dash Kit Installation Video (Black clamp on cable guides are NOT included with kit, but are available separately. Call us.)

Tech Tip:  You DO NOT need to cut the handlebar wiring to remove it from the factory bars.  The wiring simply needs to be unplugged from the left and right handlebar switch packs, as well as the throttle twist grip. Then it can be pulled down and out of the bars. Install into your new bars in the reverse fashion.

Notes on handlebar options:

Because Indian hand controls have a different fitment than that of Harley, you cannot simply bolt a set of typical aftermarket HD bars on and go. BUT you do have a few easy options:

1)  Our 1-Piece Lanesplitter Style T-Bars are constructed in either DOM or 304 Stainless steel heavy wall .120" x 1.25" tubing depending on the finish choice, and they step to 1" in the grip area.   We have developed them to accept the factory Indian hand controls and NOT require a longer brake line , clutch cable or extended handlebar wiring.  These bars are a direct fitment when using our kit and following our installation instructions.   For the time being, they are only available one size and style (based on the bars shown).  But you can get them in Gloss Black Powdercoat, Brushed Stainless or Polished stainless.  The dimensions and ergonomics of these bars are based on an averaging of the most popular handlebar choices our customers have made over the years. 

2) Our Low-rise MX style Handlebar is constructed in either DOM or 304 Stainless steel 1" tubing depending on the finish choice.  They accept the Indian hand controls without any additional modifications required.  This option allows you to use of an aftermarket handlebar riser of your preference.  The riser you choose must have 3.5” on center mounting holes to mount to our handlebar relocation bracket.  They can be straight or pullback in style, but not forward sweep.  If you wish to reuse you stock clutch and brake cable, your riser height should not exceed 10”.  The MX style top bar is available in Gloss Black, Brushed Stainless, or Polished Stainless.  See photo below from Indian Motorcycle of OC for MX bar paired with Hardcase Performance risers.

3) We have also developed a simple adapter kit and cut template if you want to try and run handlebars or a bar& riser combo from a different company and maintain the factory controls.(not shown in photos) The kits contains 2 shim spacers that step a 1" diameter bar up to 1.25" to accept the Indian Clutch perch and brake master cylinder mounts.  The shims come set up to be set-screwed in place, however you can also weld them in place.  We also provide a left and right cut template to be wrapped around the left and right grip sections.  This template indicates cut and drill locations for your grips section lengths,  wiring port locations, switch pack indexing holes, and the twist grip notches.  You will need to drill, notch, file, etc., the indicated locations in order for your bars to accept the Indian controls. There are some nuances to this approach, so please read our instructions carefully and also watch the video to understand what you will have to do in order to make handlebars other than ours work.   The shim spacers are mostly hidden once installed, but will also be available in Gloss Black, Brushed Stainless, or Polished Stainless.  (If you look closely at bars in photo's you can see spacer installed at clutch and brake mounts)  For an additional cost, you can also contact us if you have a set of bars you want us to modify for you.

4) You can swap out the factory clutch perch and front brake master cylinder for a set that clamp onto 1" tubing( For example: Beringer controls) and avoid the need to shim the stock controls.  If this interests you, let us know and we can get you additional information.

5) We have reached out to a few other handlebar manufacturers to see if they are interested in making a Fitment specifically for Challengers with our Dash Kit.  We will post updates if/when those options become available.  If you are a handlebar manufacturer and are interest in making a set of bars for this application, please contact so we can share your information!!

Fitment note! - The dash kit is designed for risers no larger than 1.25" diameter.  If you use risers that exceed this dimension, you may need to modify your gauge pod.

Other Notes:

*Photos are of Moms Build are of original prototypes.  Actual parts differ slightly in design, but not in function. See customer installed photos.

**The Ride Command and gauge relocation dash panels are 3D printed in a material that is very similar to ABS plastic in terms of strength, toughness, and durability.  When being painted, they should not be baked at a temperature above 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

***In the unlikely event we do not receive enough orders to fulfill our manufacturing minimums, all Pre-Orders will be FULLY refunded.

 Barnstorm is not responsibly for any damage, injury or other unforeseen outcomes as a result of improper or inexperienced installation procedures, negligence or failure to follow recommendations.


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